Breaking the stereotype

When I started taking LIVE classes as the English Instructor of Instant School, fear of negative comments and anxiety regarding the content quality drove me crazy. Not everyone would appreciate a 12th grader taking English classes; many learners were older than me.

As an addition to the already existing problems, the LIVE classes didn’t get enough engagement. For obvious reasons, I became frustrated and suffered from an inferiority complex. It seemed to me that because people consider age to be a deciding factor for measuring someone’s intelligence. My assumption was not entirely wrong, though.

Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to realize that to make learning enjoyable, I need to make it interactive. Keeping this in mind, I started asking questions in the LIVE classes from then onwards and requested everyone to comment on the answer. At first, there wasn’t much visible enthusiasm. But as time passed, the audience started engaging more and more. At times there would be out-of-the-box questions; I would still try to answer them so that the audience can get more interest in the concepts adjacent to the central one. Often, the neighboring concepts are great tools for learning the central one.

M goal was to make sure that people understand what I am saying and the concepts that I am sharing. I noticed that when we impart a lesson using a common concept,  it becomes easier for the learners to understand it ( This process is a lot similar to connecting the dots, as described by Chris Anderson in his book “TED Talks.”

Throughout the process, I gained unorthodox insights into promoting digital content through social media marketing. However, the most satisfying part about being a teacher was the wholesome responses that I got from the students at the end of the class. It made me more motivated to help others and encourage them to be better versions of themselves. Surprisingly, my favorite quote resonates with this lesson to a certain degree :

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

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