Today is Eid-Ul-Fitr, one of the biggest festivals for Muslims. It’s a day of celebration at the end of Ramadhan, a day of joy and happiness. To me, Eid means attending the Eid Jamaat with my father (Jamaat – A group of Muslims offering prayers together). To me, Eid means visiting our relatives and friends andContinue reading “A COV-EID MUBARAK”

Mental health during lockdown : How late is too late ?

Till now, COVID 19 has taken away more than 3 million lives. Today, wherever we look, we see people who lost their family, friends, and jobs. We see the destabilization of state infrastructures. We see the most powerful swept away by the force of nature. Amidst all these burning problems, mental health might seem toContinue reading “Mental health during lockdown : How late is too late ?”