Basic English (Grammar)

In this course, I will be guiding you through the basics of English Grammar, from identifying parts of speech to passage narration. This course is primarily designed to help you build a solid English Grammar foundation !

Public Speaking for beginners

Speaking in front of a huge crowd is a nightmare for many. My legs used to tremble too, when I first started public speaking. However, with time and persistent efforts, I improved. If you want to start as a speaker and don’t know how to do it , this course is absolutely for you !


IELTS is a vital factor if you want to go abroad. However, finding an affordable IELTS trainer is a big challenge. But don’t worry ! I got your back ! Throughout this course, I will guide you through the four basic segments of IELTS and hacks for individual aspects of the test.

I use the simplest of concepts to impart the toughest of lessons, making the classes less boring and more engaging than ever before !

Let’s make this quarantine productive !

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