My MUN Journey

HYDMUN 2017 .

In the NSU auditorium, around 600 people are sitting in excitement. Everyone’s glance is at the big cheque that will be provided for Best Delegations . Enthusiasts have already started to make predictions about individual committee results

And in the midst of all these, there’s me. Closed collar. Tightened tie . Stressed mind. People around me seem to be talking about super complicated world issues, with all those sophisticated wordings. I honestly feel more and more dumb with every passing second. But I didn’t have to bear it for long, as the award ceremony started . The anchor’s speech only increases our curiosity . To our relief, the anchor starts calling out names of the awardees.

When it comes to my committee SOCHUM , I get a bit anxious.

But why should I be anxious?

This is my first MUN anyways. It doesn’t really make sense for me to get stress about it .

My fate didn’t fail to surprise me , though. At one point, the anchor says, “SOCHUM – Verbal Mention 11 goes to Delegate of Swaziland ” For a moment I felt like it’s a dream. I’m standing up and people are clapping for me . I feel closer to this family at the moment. When I finally sat down, I could feel that my hands are already cold. Well , they always get cold when I’m super excited. Adrenaline seems to be the only thing running through my veins. I couldn’t be any more excited to tell my parents about my achievement. It wasn’t about the award. It was about the claps. It was about the inspirational words that I got on my placard . I just can’t describe how good it feels when someone says they are inspired by you .

Since then I’ve kept on doing MUNs . The best achievements I got from MUNs are the placards. The inspiration inscribed in black all over the white surface of the paper. Even today, when I feel depressed, I take those placards out of my drawer and read the comments out loud. I believe its really important to keep things like these, which make us feel good about ourselves.

The reason I wrote this is not to show what I could achieve and what I couldn’t. I wrote this because I want to let you all know that you should never give up on yourself , no matter how hard the field gets . Because trust me , in the end , when people tell you that you made them work hard on their dreams , nothing can be more fulfilling. After all , life is too short to not give it a try , isn’t it ?

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