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“Never ever come to practice debate again”

7 words.

It’s surprising but true that these 7 words can tear a person apart. Well, at least, they could tear me. They approached me like bullets, shattering my world in a few seconds. But little did I know, that I would be grateful to the person firing those bullets, forever.

It was a typical day of 2015 in Mirzapur Cadet College. I was surrounded by a bunch of angry seniors in the house common room. They were angry for a reason: I told them that practicing debate at night gave me less free time and I wasn’t able to brush my teeth because it got too late after practice . Hearing these words from a boy of class 7 was enough of a reason for any 12th grader to be infuriated. I don’t remember everything; I only remember the last 7 words: “Never ever come to practice debate again”. Honestly speaking, I was not that much into debates till then. But after hearing this, I felt like someone put a seal on my face that I can never be a good speaker.

After 5 years of that incident, I find myself, in front of the dais, supervising the debate practice of my juniors, telling them my story. I am not surprised to find them bursting into laughter. They seem motivated, every time, hearing the same story from me in every debate practice. Surprisingly, I never get exhausted telling them about the incident. I still wonder, if those “bullets” didn’t hit me that day, would I still be the person I am today? Maybe. Maybe not.

What I do know is that I still carry that memory with me. Every time I win a competition, reality starts blurring in front of my eyes and that memory starts becoming more and more distinct. I realized it one night. It was a night of celebration. To me, winning the Best Delegate award in BUPIMUN 2019 was like a dream came true. However, after reaching home, when I was looking at the crest, tears started rolling down my eyes. I started recalling the day when I got shot.

 I fell in love with debating back in class-9. Till today,  I have spent countless hours of games time by practicing speeches: in the washroom, in class, in dormitory and even in the lab. I have this habit of being stubborn since childhood. And this very habit turned out to be a game changer for me. I was stubborn enough to disturb my dorm mates at night with my timed speeches, stubborn enough to practice it in front of boys of class 7 and asking for honest reviews from them, meanwhile missing BBQ parties of friends. Honestly speaking, those 7 words were enough to steal all my Thursday nights, for 3 years.

Surprisingly, after every single debate competition that I win, I cry. Not because I am happy, but because I am proceeding one step further, towards rebuilding myself again. And I would have never got this opportunity if someone didn’t break me back then in 2015, in the house common room.

7 words tore me apart. 7 words also gave me a reason to keep debating. The incident in class 7 wasn’t fun for me. But now, I feel glad, that it happened!

Link to 13th English Parliamentary Debate ( MCC TV Debate Team) :

Quarter-Final ( Mirzapur Cadet College vs Feni Girls Cadet College)

The Grand Finale ( Mirzapur Cadet College vs Majid Jarina Foundation School and College)

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