“War is Peace” : How totalitarian systems change the way we think

I always wondered how totalitarian systems function ; keeping millions of people subjugated could inevitably backfire in so many different ways. I knew why totalitarian rulers craved power, but I didn’t know how they preserved it. On that note, I feel reading the book “1984” enlightened me on “how” a totalitarian system might function ,Continue reading ““War is Peace” : How totalitarian systems change the way we think”

Dealing with Depression

The rising trend of mental health issues during lockdown period stems from the truth that our inner vulnerabilities become the strongest when we are alone. Given the impact it has on others’ lives, it’s important to know what to do when you are depressed during this lockdown. As such, I’ve mentioned 4 steps to dealContinue reading “Dealing with Depression”

The fulfilling part about being a teacher

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see” Alexandra K. Trenfor I never thought that at some point in my life, I would incline towards teaching. The reason for not considering so is quite evident(at least around me!) Owing to the socio-economic condition from whichContinue reading “The fulfilling part about being a teacher”

5 pandemic habits you don’t want to miss

Journaling I believe journaling is a great method of keeping track of the events of your life. Journaling enables you to channel your thoughts out, making you feel lighter and better. A journal might be an excellent companion for those who don’t have friends to share their daily happenings. Besides, a COVID journal will stayContinue reading “5 pandemic habits you don’t want to miss”

An escape from reality

There are moments in our life when we wish we hadn’t existed. During those low moments, many of us crave something like a sense of escape from reality. What provides us with this escape is a question that doesn’t have a constant answer.  For me, exercising while listening to high-volume music provides a sense of escape. EveryContinue reading “An escape from reality”


Today is Eid-Ul-Fitr, one of the biggest festivals for Muslims. It’s a day of celebration at the end of Ramadhan, a day of joy and happiness. To me, Eid means attending the Eid Jamaat with my father (Jamaat – A group of Muslims offering prayers together). To me, Eid means visiting our relatives and friends andContinue reading “A COV-EID MUBARAK”

Mental health during lockdown : How late is too late ?

Till now, COVID 19 has taken away more than 3 million lives. Today, wherever we look, we see people who lost their family, friends, and jobs. We see the destabilization of state infrastructures. We see the most powerful swept away by the force of nature. Amidst all these burning problems, mental health might seem toContinue reading “Mental health during lockdown : How late is too late ?”

Lessons learned during quarantine

Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray That this mighty scourge war may speedily pass away Abraham Lincoln The fight against COVID 19 is nothing less than a war. And just like a war leaves its scars on the people involved, COVID 19 will leave its ever-lasting impact on all of us who witnessedContinue reading “Lessons learned during quarantine”