My story

I love inspiring people and putting smiles on their faces. Whenever I feel bored, I turn on an instrumental beat and rap to it.

I want to explore new fields and discover my inner capabilities

I spent the last 6 years studying at cadet college, a pre-military institution of our country

Let’s connect on social media !

I’m Sabik, a 12th grader at Mirzapur Cadet College

I love exploring new avenues of life, every day . I also aspire to be an entrepreneur someday, and revolutionize English learning and teaching across the globe.

I am not very certain of where life will take me. However, I’ve started listening to my heart lately, and it hasn’t been that bad, since.

I teach Basic and Communicative English to people

Till now I have trained over hundreds of learners on public speaking . I also offer personal mentoring for Basic English, Public Speaking, and IELTS (Academic). Knock me if you need one !

My Current Workplace

Executive of Research Development at TeenPreneur
(April 2021 – Present)
TeenPreneur is a Corporate Standard Career Counseling platform, the first-ever initiative in Bangladesh for Teens & Youths to build a Corporate Career. I am serving as an Executive of the Research Development team of this organization.

My Work Experience

English Instructor at Instant School
(January 2021 – March 2021)
I imparted Basic English Lessons to underprivileged learners through weekly LIVE classes . Besides, I also discharged my responsibility as the Founding President of the Instant School Public Speaking Club, where I organized weekly mentoring and hearing sessions.

Production Manager at Y21
(August 2020-November 2020)
I served as a Production Manager of the Videos Section of Y21, a global youth organization. I made videos where I gave unorthodox insights on current social and environmental issues and on how we, as youths, can approach them.

District Representative at Easecom
(November 2020- December 2020)
I served as the District Representative of Easecom for one month, where I discharged the responsibility of publicizing its courses via social media platforms.

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