Dealing with Depression

The rising trend of mental health issues during lockdown period stems from the truth that our inner vulnerabilities become the strongest when we are alone. Given the impact it has on others’ lives, it’s important to know what to do when you are depressed during this lockdown. As such, I’ve mentioned 4 steps to deal with depression during this pandemic :

  1. Limit the time spent on news and social media

Social media gives us a false perception of what lifestyles we should lead in order to stay updated with the trend, constantly giving rise to an inferiority complex in many. News from different sources intensifies this situation by occupying our lives with an information overload, only stressing us more in the end.

  Next time, absorb every news with a grain of salt. Check its authenticity from multiple sources and then reach a conclusion. Don’t let the media manipulate your way of thinking.

2. Connect with your family

COVID 19 has already incentivized us to stay inside our own homes for extended periods of time. To survive in such a situation, it is important to maintain contact with the people that matter to us. 

Try having meals with your family members at the dining table, and catch up with how they’re doing. Opening up to your family members regularly will help you stay emotionally stable and strong during the lockdown. 

3. Stay organized 

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed” – the quote of William H. McRaven is quite self-explanatory. To tackle the already existing stress factors, making your life organized is imperative.

Living in a well-organized space will create a positive impact on your mental health, and serve as a source of inspiration for life. Try organizing your room every day, and assist your parents in organizing the house too. A tidier environment is certain to make you feel better. 

4. Not being productive is completely okay

Many of us are stressed about the fact that we are not being productive during this pandemic, while our friends are. But what we don’t realize is that this is not a productivity contest. It’s completely fine if you haven’t filled your stories with certificates or crests. You are still alive and that’s what matters the most right now. 

To avoid the tension of not being productive enough, try reminding yourself of one thing you’re grateful for in your life, every morning. Gratefulness will in turn reduce the dilemma you’re facing. 

Published by Sabik Hasan

I like daydreaming about situations that will never happen.

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