An escape from reality

There are moments in our life when we wish we hadn’t existed. During those low moments, many of us crave something like a sense of escape from reality. What provides us with this escape is a question that doesn’t have a constant answer. 

For me, exercising while listening to high-volume music provides a sense of escape. Every time I feel like I need a break from all material thoughts and worldly anxieties, I start running. With instrumental music running in my earbuds and adrenaline running in my veins, I try to focus on the running. With every breath I take, I create a synchronized rhythm in my steps. As I keep running, I increase the music to a high volume; I do it for a reason, though. The music gradually gets louder than my inner thoughts and helps me forget about my tensions and frustrations centered on life, love, and happiness. It might sound a bit weird, but it works for me.

Running also helps me vent out my emotions in a non-violent manner, something that’s important for anyone who has anger issues. I usually listen to motivational music when I feel low, primarily because they make me believe that I still have goals to achieve and dreams to chase. When I wash my face afterward, the splash of water makes me feel like I was in a different world a while before.

Regardless, running is not the only thing I do to get a sense of escape. When I get bored, I turn on a high-volume instrumental beat and start rapping to it. I rap since I was in class 6; I’ve always liked listening to songs that are more rhythmic and that have high beats. Rap, meeting all the categories, has been my friend when no one else was there to heal me. There were times when I wrote random thoughts in the form of lyrics, only to throw them away later. However, they did the job. Every time I start writing about how I feel, I feel better. After composing a rap, I try it out with some instrumentals to see how it goes.

There’s a beat on YouTube that I love because it’s comparatively easy to rap with any lyrics in that beat.

As I keep rapping, I feel like I’m telling my story to someone. It’s a human instinct to feel light whenever we share our emotions with others. The same happens with me in the case of rapping. It helps me vent out and feel better at the end.

I believe finding something that gives a sense of escape is important for anyone in life. Anxiety is more or less present in everyone’s lifeso everyone needs it at some stage or the other. So, if you have any such activity that provides you with a sense of escape, please feel free to share it! And if you don’t have any such activity till now, then please start looking for it. 

Thank me later  ❤️

Published by Sabik Hasan

I like daydreaming about situations that will never happen.

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