Lessons learned during quarantine

Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray

That this mighty scourge war may speedily pass away

Abraham Lincoln

The fight against COVID 19 is nothing less than a war. And just like a war leaves its scars on the people involved, COVID 19 will leave its ever-lasting impact on all of us who witnessed it. However, the effects may vary, and so may the scars.

I am not a COVID patient. Neither was I affected by it. Regardless, this pandemic has taught me some important life lessons so far, one of which I’m going to share with you all. And I believe a lot of us will be able to relate to my circumstances after reading this article.

The most important life lesson I learned from being quarantined is valuing my family members. It’s indeed shameful that it took an entire quarantine to realize that my family is the most important group for me. While I resided in Cadet College, a pre-military school, I never realized how much my family members matter. Owing to the movement restrictions imposed by this pandemic, however, I had no other option but to stay at home, which eventually gave me an ample amount of time to interact with my family. Due to lockdown circumstances, our household help couldn’t come for quite a while, ultimately creating a burden for my mother. My father then advised us to lend her a hand whenever she needs, while doing household chores.

As the days passed, I realized that it’s not only my mother’s responsibility to cook food, wash dishes after every meal and clean the house. It’s not any mother’s responsibility to do all these alone. It’s supposed to be done by the united effort of everyone in the family. There were instances when my mother was sick and my father busy, leaving me and my sister to manage the entire house by ourselves. We found it overwhelming, indeed. With every passing second, I found innumerable reasons to be grateful to my mom for the effort she puts in every day.

My emotional attachment towards my family increased with every dish I washed in the kitchen, with every breakfast I made, and with every room, I cleaned. I will never forget the smile my mother gave when I would lend her a hand in the kitchen or the expression on my sister’s face when I would offer to help her in arranging the clothes. As time went by, I felt more connected to my family, more attached to our humorous conversations at the dining table, and more compassionate towards each member. I felt more like a part of my family. And I will carry this lesson for the rest of my life.

If you are reading this, please feel free to share how the pandemic affected you and the lessons you have learned from this quarantine. I would love to hear your story. We would love to hear your story !

Published by Sabik Hasan

I like daydreaming about situations that will never happen.

8 thoughts on “Lessons learned during quarantine

  1. God bless you for harkening to this valuable lesson! It’s a wonderful thing that your heart was drawn toward your family, and that you were obedient in work and interaction. Thank you for sharing the blessings you received.

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    1. Thanks a lot for the appreciation ! I was feeling a bit low throughout the day , but reading your comment certainly made me feel better . I wonder sometimes how a comment is enough to make someone feel better about themselves. God bless you too ❤️

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